The availability of a quality breast pump can be a determining factor in how long a mother is able to provide breast milk for her baby. However, most breast pumps come with a high price tag, which can deter a mom from choosing the best model for her needs. Fortunately, under the recently passed Affordable Care Act, most health insurance companies will now cover the full cost of a high-quality breast pump — without co-pays or deductibles!

Even though this new regulation sounds simple, finding the time to review your insurance policy and file paperwork can be a challenging task for a new mother. Here’s some great news: at Pumping Essentials, we take care of the paperwork for you!  Simply choose from among some of the highest-quality pumps on the market today, provide the name of your insurance provider, and let us do the work to research your specific options under your plan! You will also find our breast pumps packaged with some fabulous accessories…at no extra cost!

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